We cant we just hug, meet and be friends?
I don’t know why I miss you so much, but I do. You always make me laugh and I just feel so good having you as a friend. But these days, something was wrong. I do not know why? I tried so hard to forget you. I know I will get over this like always, but I miss you and it is so hard not having you around. I tried so much to forget about you and our friendship. Because it is so complicated. I miss you so and there was so much pain in me, when you told me that we can not meet. A week ago we were together at the same time and I was not thankful. Now, there is nothing more that I would love to have than having you around, because you are the best friend I ever had. Even if we are often more talking about your problems than mine, we can get on well together and you still try to make me laugh and you still remind me of you always being there for me. I was angry and desperate about our friendship, but now I am just thankful for everything you did for me and full of forgiveness. I do not want us to have a fight, because I love you way too much as my best friend. But I am going to find a way how I can find out how important I am to you. Of course, I trust you, but I need to find out where we stand in our friendship. There is something that is still bothering me. And I need to figure out things without hurting you and destroying our friendship. So, there is this one thing that I need to do. I hope that I can do this. It is just the only way to figure out things without destroying everything. It is complicated, so I am doing it in an indirect way. Hoping that I can figure out things and that everything will be okay. This is my way and this way I do not have to make your life more complicated. I have been thinking about this for a so long time and now it just feels so right. That is the way. Even if I cannot understand it on my own what has just happened.