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Intense Feelings

von am 18.06.2019 um 20:54 (1525 Hits)

Intense Feelings are like a Magic Power.

Without the Magic, but too much Power.

Its Power is too strong to handle.
It affects you every day.

If your sad it feels like you drown in tears.
If you scared they revive all your fears.

If your mad you will too quickly explode.
If your happy you see your right road.

If you feel pain it's like an endless fall.
And if your numb your feel nothing at all.

Your feelings decide how you react.
What you think and how you ultimately act.

They dominate you, no matter what you do.
Because unfortunately, they are a part of you.



  1. Avatar von Sadie02
    Wunderschön geschrieben mal wieder

    Wenn man selbst die Gefühle beherrscht und nicht mehr von ihnen gejagt wird, hat man es wohl geschafft.

    Alles Gute dir!